Package org.antlr.stringtemplate

Interface Summary
AttributeRenderer This interface describes an object that knows how to format or otherwise render an object appropriately.
StringTemplateErrorListener Lets you specify where errors, warnings go.
StringTemplateGroupLoader When group files derive from another group, we have to know how to load that group and its supergroups.
StringTemplateWriter Generic StringTemplate output writer filter.

Class Summary
AutoIndentWriter Essentially a char filter that knows how to auto-indent output by maintaining a stack of indent levels.
CommonGroupLoader A simple loader that looks only in the directory(ies) you specify in the ctor, but it uses the classpath rather than absolute dirs so it can be used when the ST application is jar'd up.
NoIndentWriter Just pass through the text
PathGroupLoader A brain dead loader that looks only in the directory(ies) you specify in the ctor.
StringTemplate A StringTemplate is a "document" with holes in it where you can stick values.
StringTemplate.Aggregate An automatically created aggregate of properties.
StringTemplate.STAttributeList Just an alias for ArrayList, but this way I can track whether a list is something ST created or it's an incoming list.
StringTemplateGroup Manages a group of named mutually-referential StringTemplate objects.
StringTemplateGroupInterface A group interface is like a group without the template implementations; there are just template names/argument-lists like this: interface foo; class(name,fields); method(name,args,body);