StringTemplate Testimonials

I was looking for a replacement for JSP for my new website that would allow easy migration from HTML/ Javascript to full server generated dynamic content. I found StringTemplate and within a day I had my whole website running off of it. It was fast, easy to learn and gave me all the power I needed to get the job done. Cheers for the great work. @howlotlostwolf.

StringTemplate is AWESOME, great speed.
tebogo modiselle (from @twitbogo feed) Wed Sep 26, 2012 09:05
StringTemplate is AWESOME, great speed.

StringTemplate just saved me a metric ton of busywork :)
Tom Harwood Wed Dec 7, 2011 11:20
This is going to make JBurg2 emitters about 2.7 kazillion times easier to write than JBurg 1.x emitters.

StringTemplate is awesome!
Paulo Cereda from twitter feed Fri Jul 8, 2011 10:15
StringTemplate is awesome!

stringtemplate I love you
@eljeko (Stefano Linguerri) Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:05
stringtemplate I love you [pulled from twitter feed]

Stringtemplate rocks!
Arturo Cruz Preda [from @acpreda twitter] Sat Apr 16, 2011 08:28
I'm using it to develop an application generator and this tool is awesome to do this job.

StringTemplate is awesome!
Tim Kral Thu Mar 10, 2011 09:58
I'm working on a source code generation project and it exactly fit the bill. It is very intuitive and I didn't have to write a lot of code to get a working prototype.

Suggestions for a Java-based templating engine
from stackoverflow Mon Dec 6, 2010 11:21
ST is "pure Java, lightweight, fast; simple to use has formatting filters, which help to reduce application logic; a fit for every text based output: JSON, Xml, Html, Css..."

I burst with pride at my latest results...
Christian Schladetsch Fri Jun 5, 2009 16:03
ANTLR and StringTemplate are good ways of doing things. Terence has created a remarkable system that works across many languages and reduces effort by orders or magnitude. By using a DSL based on ANTLR, I have cut production times by ten.

StringTemplate is one of the coolest tools ever
Gevik Babakhani Sat Mar 28, 2009 13:39
After some years of using ANTLR and StringTemplate, I find these set of tools to be one of my core tools when developing complex apps. This time, I have been using StringTemplate to develop another code generator for PostgreSQL and .NET. Thank you very much for ANTLR and StringTemplate. Terence you are great.

StringTemplate is fantastic!
Bediako George Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:11
We use StringTemplate as our presentation engine for our rapid code development tool Hannibal which can be found here: We chose StringTemplate over other templating engines for its ease of use, its versatility, and it disciplined approach to templating. We use it to generate code in multiple languages as well as to create XHTML and HTML code for presentation purposes.

StringTemplate awesome ... thank you very much
e4s3 Wed Dec 26, 2007 17:14
We use StringTemplate in lots of the project here in the company. The performance and easyness is unmatchable. Thank you for this awesome tool.

big fan of StringTemplate and Antlr
Shane Witbeck Sun Jan 14, 2007 11:15
I'm a big fan of StringTemplate and Antlr and have used both on a couple of projects. I've used other templating languages compatible with Java such as Velocity and Freemarker and I prefer your purist philosophy of separation of model and view. My blog

StringTemplate at Oracle
Dermot O'Neill, Oracle Senior Software Engineer Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:36
The decision to use Antlr and StringTemplate for Oracles next generation Migration and SQL Developer features was easy due to the fantastic support on the forums, extensive documentation and great tools. In particular, the ability to parse trees and define target languages using StringTemplate, provided the end to end language translation technology we required. Other parser generators left us high and dry with only half the solution.

Sohail Somani Mon May 22, 2006 14:15
Terence is awesome. He thinks of everything I need, and whenever I need something that he hasn't thought of, its usually my fault because its unnecessary.

Swapnil Kashikar Fri Apr 28, 2006 10:25
I have been able to learn, start using and be productive with stringtemplate in a matter of weeks. Its a superb little tool. I look forward to using antlr v3 with integrated ST and antlrworks.

Harry Karadimas Tue Apr 11, 2006 08:29
I just started to use the StringTemplate library for medical reporting in our hospital. I am quite pleased with it, especially with the ability to nest templates, to connect each template with a pipe-like mechanism, etc. while keeping the whole thing simple so that untrained personnel can also understand it rather quickly. Congratulations for the neat design; reminds me of the unix tools you can connect and mix to achieve quick results.

The JBoss Rules team Mon Apr 10, 2006 11:14
StringTemplate allowed us to provide support for multiple embedded languages very quickly and efficiently. It?s a tiny little dependency that is purpose built for embedding.

Code Generation To the MAX
Gevik Babakhani Wed Feb 15, 2006 14:20
StringTemplate is a great tool for building code generation and content templating software. I am using StringTemplate as the core component to generate code for the PostgreSQL Code Template Wizard.

Excellent tool
Lou Moore Tue Jan 17, 2006 18:19
Up until a week ago, we were using http requests to generate html emails for our website. It's something I'd been wanting to replace for some time but just never got around to.

Very Impressive
David Moshal Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:10
StringTemplate is very impressive, not just in its implementation, but in the design pattern advocated by Terrence.

Mark Venbrux Sun Jan 8, 2006 12:42
To say it in short: software development becomes more fun when you need to write less code!

It never disappoints
Tom Burns Thu Jan 5, 2006 22:52
The best thing about StringTemplate is that it never disappoints. I've tried really obscure things -- sure that Terence couldn't possibly have thought about this case -- but it always turns out he has (and it usually works even better than I hoped).

Oliver Zeigermann Fri Aug 12, 2005 13:02
StringTemplate is very easy to learn and use while providing anything you need to generate all kinds of formats. All you need to know is a very simply declarative language. I was very successful in applying it to the problem of generating Java and XML sources. Including learning StringTemplate I was able to finish my task in a single day.

Wilfred Springer Wed Aug 10, 2005 11:59
And it appears that StringTemplate is actually a great template engine to be used in combination with Javassist. Why is that?
  • First of all, StringTemplate is really convenient for generating source code. You do not end up in escape sequence hell.
  • StringTemplate is fast.
  • StringTemplate allows you to reuse only some subtemplates if you want to.
  • StringTemplate appears to be incredible convenient if you want to generate readable source code. (Like the mechanism for dealing with indent.)
[TJP: From Wilfred's blog entry about StringTemplate]

Anthony Casalena Mon Aug 8, 2005 18:00
StringTemplate was PERFECT for this [ web publishing site uses StringTemplate in their production site; templates are exposed to bloggers]. We needed a system that would: (1) Be extremely fast/simple and (2) ENSURE that users can do nothing to harm our system. Velocity would have been nearly impossible to enforce security with. There were numerous attacks related to invoking classLoaders by referencing getClass on random objects, not to mention that the very paradigm of the templates caused us to write code that did not strictly enforce view vs. controller, further resulting in code we had written that could have been insecure in many cases. It wasn't just impossible to stop users, but also ourselves in many cases.

Martin Pike Mon Aug 8, 2005 17:57
I have been looking for a good, succinct templating mechanism for a long time now, so it was with some excitement that I read your paper Enforcing Model-View Separation in Template Engines'. I promptly downloaded your StringTemplatePackage to use in my latest project, which will use many templates. I have found using StringTemplate most satisfying. I am able to produce clean, obvious code quickly and easily. I've only just started using StringTemplate (yesterday!), but was quickly effective. The mix of Jython servlets and StringTemplate make for an incredibly productive environment. I appreciate the work and the logic that is apparent in the package. It is nice to see something that has been thought out on sound principles and not just hacked together.